Things to do in Exmouth

Things to do in Exmouth

Want to plan your holiday with the best things to do in Exmouth? We fill you in with the local spots & tourist hot spots making your stay the best ever!

Exmouth Whalesharks

Snorkel Whalesharks

Each year from May to September Exmouth is visited by some of the wolds most largest and gentlest underwater creatures, the Whaleshark! The best part is you can swim with these giants of the sea! Hundreds of tourists visit Ningaloo reef to see the whale sharks in their natural environment. Make your next stay a memorable one and jump into the water with a Whaleshark. For a list of tours departing daily during the Whaleshark season in Exmouth checkout our ‘Tours in Exmouth‘ page.


Snorkle Beach

Another very popular reason to visit Exmouth is to snorkel the Ningaloo reef in the world heritage Cape Range National Park.

Pristine beaches with white sand and clear blue turquoise ocean is home to a uniquely marine and coral, life filled ocean. Right at the shores edge you will find secluded reefs full of fish and marine animals. Making some of the Ningaloo beaches famous around the world.

Access to snorkel the Ningaloo reef only requires a small entry fee into the Cape Range National park and is only a short drive from Exmouth. There’s absolutely no need to book a boat tour to see the reef unlike the well known Great Barrier Reef.

However there are a number of tour boats that will spend the day cruising the reef providing snorkelling tours or a glass bottom boat tours.

Some of the most popular beaches to snorkel are Turquoise Bay and Oyster Stacks. Checkout our beaches page for a more detailed list of beaches around Exmouth.

More information about Cape Range National Park can be found on the Department of Parks and Wildlife website.

Sport Fishing, Beach Fishing & Deep Sea Fishing

Exy Marina

Boats, boats and more boats! A very familiar sight in and around Exmouth. With some of Australia’s best sports fish caught off Exmouth why wouldn’t you want to go fishing during your stay?

From shore fishing, deep sea fishing, fly fishing, beach fishing and sports fishing, Exmouth has all things fishing! There’s plenty of places to launch a boat, catch a fish off the beach or do a bit of rock fishing.

If booking a fishing charter is more your style, theres a few fishing charter operators with the local knowledge. Providing a day on the water, from fly fishing tours to specifically targeted species charters. The Exmouth fishing charter tours will give you an experience of a lifetime.

Checkout our Exmouth fishing page for more detailed information on fishing around Exmouth.

Checkout our ‘Tours in Exmouth‘ page to find out where to book a fishing charter.

Visit During Turtle Season

Turtle Hatching

The turtles can be seen venturing along beaches and laying their eggs during December through to April. Six weeks after the turtles lay their eggs young can be seen hatching and racing towards the ocean.

Nesting turtles can been seen mostly at night during a high tide laying their eggs. Bring along a torch and watch as they find the perfect nesting place.

Jurabi Turtle Centre is free to visit and provides information on where to visit the turtles during nesting and hatching times.

Beauty & Day Spas

Treat Yourself!

While the men are out fishing and you find yourself with a day off why not relax at a day spa? From massages to facials be prepared to be pampered and indulged! For more information on where to spend a day of bliss visit our local information page.

Exploring Gorges & Ranges

Bushwalking Cape Range

Ok so you would like to swim with the the Whalesharks, snorkel Turquoise Bay and take a charter deep sea fishing! What more could you ask for on one holiday? How about some bushwalking and exploring the ranges gorges!

Charles Knife Gorge, Mandu Mandu and Shothole Canyon provide a trip into and on top of the Cape Range.

Charles Knife George is a mostly bitumen and partly dirt road to the very top of the Cape Range. With views over the gulf and into some very high gorges the drive is one not to be missed. If you enjoy bushwalking there’s a track from Charles Knife to Shothole, allow plenty of time on a cool day and take plenty of water.

Shothole Canyon is a dirt road into the bottom on a gorge to a small viewing area. There is also a small bush walk at the end of the road. The road will give you an inside view of a canyon that has seen plenty of flowing water during wet times. With small caves and dry river bed crossings the drive will allow you to feel miles from anywhere!

Mandu Mandu is a popular walk during the cooler months and during the early morning. Walk into the Mandu Mandu gorge across large river rocks and past tall cliffs. Then climb the side of the gorge and walk back along the top of the Mandu Mandu gorge to the carpark. Take plenty of water.

For more information about bushwalking visit the Ningaloo Visitors Centre website.

Lighthouse Lookout

Sunset at the Beach

Ok so you have spent the day swimming, fishing and snorkelling … what’s a perfect way to end the evening? How about sitting back, watching the sun set over the Ningaloo reef. Watch surfers catching waves below and in season whales will put on an evening show! A popular spot for locals and tourists to end perfect days.

Explore Yardie Creek

Exploring Yardie Creek

Yardie Creek is a tidal gorge that has a small walk along the rim of the gorge with viewing areas to watch the turtles and fish. Yardie Creek is unusually deep in spots and other areas with small mangrove trees. Spend time exploring the diversely unique tidal gorge or picnic on the tables provided. With flushing toilets and a boat launching area Yardie creek is a spot to spend a day out while visiting Exmouth.

A small boat tour is run daily into Yardie Creek, learn all about the gorge and enjoy watching the fish and marine life in the pristine Yardie Creek water. Checkout our ‘Tours in Exmouth‘ page for more information.