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Holiday homes with a swimming pool in Exmouth

Holiday homes with swimming pool in Exmouth are becoming more sought after

But how important is swimming pool accommodation on your Exmouth holiday? Well if you are planning on coming in the cooler months of May through to November, then maybe a pool would be nice. However during the warmer summer months of December to April, having your very own private pool is an awesome and very affordable luxury!

But holiday guests who book a holiday home with a swimming pool in Exmouth in winter months based solely on the fact that it has a pool are usually terribly disappointed.

During the “on season” here in Exmouth it is actually really too cold to swim in a pool! Can you believe it? The chilly winds make the waters (even for the very young and fool hardy) just too cold to swim. And whilst the weather is still much nicer, sunnier and warmer than down south in winter, it is still only low 20’s. Saying all that, I always book a house with a pool as I ‘feel’ like I am on holiday, just by lounging next to one with a glass of sherbet … and a cardigan on!

Swimming pool holiday houses

Whaleshark (22 Madaffari Drive on the Exmouth Marina), is one of our most popular holiday homes, getting more bookings and rave reviews than any other. Why? Because of the swimming pool in summer.

This holiday house in the marina is fully fenced, beautifully landscaped and perfect for families. The pool also has a shade sail cover which is essential in summer. Whaleshark is also lucky enough to have it’s own jetty. Even if you don’t have a boat to bring with you, families enjoy fishing for dinner off the jetty and walking it up to the house.

Alternatively, Tusk is another of our holiday rentals that has a pool, as well as plenty of space to relax. Tusk can easily accommodate up to 11 guests and has everything you’ll need to enjoy an Exmouth holiday!

Holiday homes with  swimming pool in Exmouth are the ultimate luxury

Where else can you swim?

So whilst a swimming pool can be nice, I think most people come to Exmouth and the Ningaloo Reef to experience the beautiful beaches and coral reef. A pool is a bonus, not a necessity! The town swimming pool is also open seasonally and the splash park is perfect for young families. View our local information page for more information.