Pet Friendly Accommodation

Exmouth pet friendly accommodation

Find the best pet friendly accommodation in Exmouth right here.

We have a range of holiday homes that are suitable for bringing along every member of the family … including your much loved pets!

Exmouth is Dog Friendly

Exmouth is a very dog friendly town, with all beaches on the gulf side being dog (off leash) welcoming. Some other Exmouth beaches along the West side are also happy to have dogs. All the beaches from the lighthouse up to Tantabiddi are great, with Wobiri and Jacobz beaches the most popular with locals and tourists alike.

Please be aware that DPaW conducts baiting programs in beach and bush areas throughout the Exmouth and Cape Range areas, especially during the annual turtle egg laying season (from October to April) in order to reduce feral animal numbers during the important time. Check with the DPaW office on Nimitz St when you get to town as to where baiting has occurred.

Pet Friendly Holiday Homes

We welcome you to holiday in Exmouth with your pets. Most of our holiday homes allow pets, but it is essential that you check with us prior to booking. Any pets that are in residence without approval will be considered in serious breach of the booking terms and conditions.

As with ALL our holiday homes, you cannot have your pets inside at any time. Please be mindful that the next guests after you may have severe pet allergies, and the last thing we want to to affect peoples health. All evidence of a pet being at the house must also be removed prior to you departure. The Pets Terms and Conditions is available from the office or online and we are happy to email to you prior to booking. Some homes suit dog breeds better than others, please ask, we all have dogs here and are happy to help.

We would love to have both you and your pets on holiday in Exmouth. Here’s a selection of our holiday homes that would suit bringing along your pet.