Pets Terms and Conditions

Prior to booking one of our pet friendly holiday homes Exmouth, please talk to the office as to the suitability of the particular home to the temperament of your dog. Some have better fences and setups than others.

• No pets allowed inside. (Exceptions may apply in rare circumstances!) The next guests may have pet allergies. Please be mindful.
• Maximum of two pets at the house at any time. This is local Shire requirements.
• Absolutely no washing of pet beds in the domestic washing machines as the pet hair remains in the machine and goes onto all the linen and towels.
• All dog poop to be bag and binned on departure.
• All pet hair must be hosed from the outside living areas on departure.
• Wipe dog slobber/kisses off all windows!
• Barking!!! Please do not leave you dog home alone! The neighbours will call the ranger if the dog is a nuisance. Your pet is in unfamiliar territory and will be anxious.
• Please remember dogs are not permitted in the Cape Range National Park.
• If the dog escapes, Ningaloo Reef Holidays or the property owners are not liable.

Please be mindful that whilst owners are happy for you to have a pet at their property, they are not guaranteeing the suitability of their property for the dog that you are bringing.

The onus is on you, the pet owner, to make sure that the home is suitable for your pet. Ring the office to ask questions.

Refunds will not be issued should you arrive and decide that the property is not suitable for your requirements.